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For our future success, we invest heavily in training and further education. In addition to further education for employees, we have been training young people in apprenticeships in metal technology with a main module in toolmaking technology and plastic moulding (double apprenticeship), metal technology with a main module in mechanical engineering, and mechatronics with a main module in automation technology, electrical engineering and plastic moulding for several decades. For this, Trodat was one of the first companies in Austria to be distinguished as a “state-awarded training company”. 

Skilled employees are the core of our global success. That’s why we invest in corporate culture and further education ‒ in order to be as successful tomorrow as we are today. If you are technically-minded, enthusiastic, technically-skilled and want to actively work on your future, then apply for an apprenticeship at Trodat. We look forward to meeting you.

Are you motivated and dedicated? Would you like to work at a training company where people are enthusiastic about their job?

Metal technology with a main module in toolmaking technology and plastic moulding (apprenticeship: 4 years)
State-of-the-art machines and tools support you as a toolmaker in the manufacture of injection moulding, cutting and bending tools. As part of your apprenticeship, you will learn about the possibilities of metal working, CNC milling, grinding, turning, die sinking and wire eroding and CAD drawing. Excellent training, technical skills and creativity will make you a sought-after specialist. Training to become a plastic moulding tanner includes, among other things, the control of plastic processing machines and the production and quality testing of plastic parts. You can find more information below...

Metal technology with a main module in mechanical engineering (apprenticeship: 3.5 years)
As a metal technician in mechanical engineering, you manufacture machines and machine parts, and assemble them. You are primarily involved in the assembly, maintenance and repair of production lines, assembly lines and conveyor belts, elevators, lifting and transport equipment and the like. As part of the maintenance and servicing work, you will replace defective machine parts and components and manufacture spare parts yourself.

Mechatronics with a main module in automation technology (apprenticeship: 3.5 years)
The profession of mechatronic technician is a mixture of mechanics and electronics. This means that you build mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemble them into complex systems, install the control software and maintain the systems. Furthermore, you are responsible for ensuring that machine functions, operating values and system parameters with specified values guarantee a smooth production process.

Electrical engineering (apprenticeship: 3.5 years)
Electricity gets our machines running. Switching units, control units, regulating units and drive equipment get everything going. You will find faults yourself and eliminate them. You will draft assembly and circuit sketches and build the appropriate controls. Technical knowledge, metalworking and electronics are therefore the right training for your role.

Plastic moulding (apprenticeship: 3 years)
A plastic moulder is a specialist in plastic processing and the production of high-quality plastic parts. The basic terms of toolmaking serve as a basis on which your specialist knowledge of plastics is built. Your area of responsibility is the control of plastic processing machines and the quality testing of the plastic parts produced.

How do you apply for an apprenticeship at TroGroup GmbH?

The best thing to do is to apply online via the TroGroup job portal by clicking on this link and then selecting your dream apprenticeship from the vacancies.

Please upload: A cover letter, a CV with photo and copies of your secondary school certificates. Don’t forget: your application is the first time you introduce yourself to our company! We pay particular attention to the completeness and neatness of your documents.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Apprentice Training Supervisor:

Raimund Stadlmayer
Apprentice Training Supervisor
[email protected]