TroGroup continues growth course and acquires German laser source manufacturer InnoLas Photonics

At the beginning of July 2022, TroGroup took over the German specialist firm for industrial laser sources, InnoLas Photonics, which is based in Krailling. The acquisition will enable TroGroup to establish the Laser Sources Group as a distinct business field alongside Trodat (stamps) and Trotec (lasers). All 24 InnoLas Photonics employees are being retained. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Wels, 8th July 2022. “The Laser Sources Group is set to become the third important pillar of TroGroup, which has consisted of two successful companies to date: Trodat, which serves the field of stamp production and Trotec, which supplies laser plotters for engraving, cutting and marking,” says TroGroup CEO Norbert Schrüfer. “By merging InnoLas Photonics with Iradion, a US-based manufacturer of CO2 lasers who has already been part of our group of companies for some years, we are creating synergies in development and sales. The product ranges complement each other perfectly and we’re now able to offer our customers an even broader portfolio of solutions for their application requirements. The acquisition of InnoLas Photonics is an important step in the consistent implementation of our growth strategy.” Following the complete integration of InnoLas Photonics, the two companies, Iradion and InnoLas Photonics, will form the Laser Sources Group from the beginning of 2023.

InnoLas Photonics, which is based in Krailling, Germany, develops and manufactures industrial lasers for high-precision micro-machining applications such as PV, electronics and SEMI manufacturing, diamond tools and laser marking. The company recently achieved a turnover in excess of 6 million euros (FY 2021) and employs 24 people. With sales offices around the world, InnoLas Photonics works for and with its customers to supply their preferred laser solutions.

Aiming to be a global player in laser sources

“In future, the Laser Sources Group will operate independently on the market and expand the business with laser sources for industrial customers,” says Trotec Managing Director Andreas Penz. “In addition, our sister company Trotec will of course be supplied with competitive products to support Trotec's ongoing growth.” Armin Renneisen, who brings extensive experience in the laser business and who has held senior positions with leading laser source manufacturers for many years, has been appointed Managing Director of InnoLas Photonics.

CO2 laser technology offers a wide range of potential uses. This is evidenced by applications that can be used in very diverse industrial fields. Examples include marking, engraving and cutting a wide variety of materials, including technical ceramics, glass, textiles, paper, metal, plastics and rubber. “CO2 lasers also offer an extremely interesting field for research. With Iradion, we have already set new standards with the unique ceramic technology. InnoLas Photonics will enable us to expand our portfolio to include short-pulse lasers and so-called femtolasers,” says Andreas Penz. Short-pulse lasers are used for marking, drilling and cutting in the electronics, medical device, and watch and jewellery industries, for instance. Femtolasers open up new possibilities to address the field of electronics manufacturing, in particular regarding applications and materials, which cannot or only insufficiently be served with CO2 lasers.

TroGroup CEO Norbert Schrüfer is delighted by the acquisition. “We want to become a global player in the field of laser sources. With the takeover of InnoLas Photonics, we have set the course to achieve this”, he comments and adds, “we warmly welcome our new colleagues from InnoLas Photonics and are very pleased that they are now part of the TroGroup.”

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