Trotec Laser celebrates 25th anniversary and presents itself on the labour market with "LASER YOUR FUTURE"

Over the past 25 years, Trotec, a member of TroGroup, has become world market leader in laser machines for cutting, marking and engraving. At the end of September, the company invited employees and their families to an open day in Marchtrenk. The presentation of the new employer image also marked the occasion.

Marchtrenk, 3 October 2022. Trotec's 25th birthday is cause for celebration on two fronts this year. Back in July, a big summer party was held for staff at the Marchtrenk location. On 30 September, the management invited employees and their families to an open day. "We are pleased that many colleagues and their families accepted our invitation to the open day to see the laser machines in action, enjoy good conversations over food and drink and to learn more about the development and future of the company," says Trotec Managing Director Peter Kratky.

From start-up to world market leader

Founded in 1997 as a high-tech subsidiary of the renowned stamp manufacturer Trodat from Wels, Trotec quickly and consistently developed into the global technology leader in laser devices for engraving, marking and cutting. In line with our vision to become the home for all laser users, we work each day to make the work of laser users everywhere easier, faster and more profitable. To achieve this, we are constantly setting new standards thanks to the tireless commitment of all our teams. It’s the only way to maintain and strengthen our technological leadership and do justice to the high level of trust the market places in the Trotec brand. With more than 30,000 installed systems in 90 countries, 17 sales subsidiaries and an export share of 97%, Trotec is world market leader as developer and manufacturer in the laser sector today. In 2021, the company achieved a turnover of € 154 million for the first time and employed 741 people worldwide, around 200 of them in Austria.

New employer presence with LASER YOUR FUTURE

The 25th anniversary was also an opportunity to establish the employer image in its own right. For many years, the sister companies Trodat and Trotec have presented themselves jointly to the labour market. "With 25 years of company history and around 750 employees worldwide, it’s time for Trotec to optimally align its employer presence with the Trotec brand. In this way we aim to increase the recognition value, especially among potential candidates from the region. By making our own employees the focus of our campaign, we are positioning ourselves on the labour market in a personal and target group oriented way and show what Trotec stands for", says Managing Director Andreas Penz, who is pleased with the success of the new image. In addition to key visuals featuring employees, the communication focuses on the likeable claim LASER YOUR FUTURE to underline the central Trotec values of innovation, internationality and appreciation.

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