TroGroup has become the target of a cyber attack

Wels, 16 February 2023. TroGroup, based in Wels, has become the target of a cyber attack. A large part of the Group’s central IT services was temporarily unavailable at numerous locations worldwide. Emergency operations were activated immediately after the incident became known and it was possible to ensure continued service and to avoid any disadvantages for our customers and suppliers in the best possible way. After the immediate preventive shutdown of the system landscape and thorough forensic system analyses, a controlled reconstruction is now underway.

The incident occurred a fortnight ago. Immediately after it became known, digital forensics experts were commissioned to analyse the system and the incident was reported to the police. The Austrian Data Protection Authority was also notified as a precautionary measure. In addition, measures were immediately taken to prevent the spread of any malware.

Together with external experts, the IT team of the TroGroup have been working almost around the clock to restore the affected systems as soon as the incident became known. Due to protective measures taken in the past, including existing and well-managed backups, the IT team is able to get the numerous systems up and running again quickly.

Data encryption at family business with over 110 years of tradition

"A group of professional criminals encrypted some of our servers, causing individual IT systems to fail," says Ute Kliemstein, spokesperson for the TroGroup, a family-owned company with over 110 years of history. "As soon as the incident became known, we took the necessary steps to ensure the security of our systems and data. Our IT systems were switched off as a preventive measure. The affected systems have been and are being restored with the existing backups. This has enabled us to largely return from emergency to normal operation within a week. A particular challenge throughout has been the management of communication. So as not to endanger the investigations of the criminal prosecution authorities, we cannot give any further information on the course of events at this point," adds Kliemstein.

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