IT Specialist | With TroGroup since September 2018


The way is the goal

IT Professional Enterprise Analytics
with TroGroup since August 2018 

How I would describe my job to a friend:

I work in the IT department and Iam responsible for setting up a global reporting and planning system - as part of this, I mainly deal with data and numbers.

I spend most of my working day...

Working on a wide variety of topics (technical implementations in the systems, preparing specifications for consultants, etc.), but also in meetings with external consultants and colleagues at home and abroad.

What I particularly appreciate about TroGroup:

The flat hierarchy and the trust of my supervisor, which allows me a very high degree of independence.

Something personal about me:

My favorite and most frequent activities are on the mountain (hiking, mountaineering, in summer the one or other high-altitude tour) - also often during the week in the evening after work. In addition, I am involved in the volunteer fire department - in the command as a secretary.

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