Paul Firmware Developer | With Trotec since 2005


It’s only impossible until you have imagined it.

Firmware Developer
With Trotec since 2005

How I would describe my job to a friend:

I program the electronics of the laser plotter and use them to bring the machine to life. Firmware development is an extensive area. It must always be possible to expand the firmware with new features. Communication with the laser machine must be guaranteed for every new manager software.

What is special about my job?

When a new “feature” is required by product managers (e.g. in consultation with the customer), my team thinks about the best way to implement this. I find it particularly exciting when I come across issues that initially seem impossible, which can then be broken down into work packages that can be solved.

What is my personal aspiration?

I am particularly interested in the question: how can you get the (laser) machine to cut/engrave even faster, more beautifully, more precisely? And which new applications can this be used for? 

Where is my pioneering spirit?

All variants must be thought through, no matter how absurd they may seem, before something new is implemented. By trying to find the best solution for the product, I can specifically pursue my urge to research.

What I particularly appreciate about the R&D team:

The close coordination of the interfaces with the software developers runs like clockwork. Good cooperation makes the implementation of hardware-related software much easier.

Something personal about me:

I enjoy spending my free time with my family and I particularly like climbing and bouldering.

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