The Trodat Trotec Group divisions & values

Pioneering spiritis our DNA.Since 1912.


Under the umbrella of TroGroup GmbH, we are the world’s leading stamp business with the Trodat brand and the world’s leading laser business with the Trotec brand. Trodat is the world’s largest stamp manufacturer and Trotec is the world’s leading company for laser plotters for engraving, cutting and marking.

The TroGroup currently generates overall sales of more than 246 million euros (based on figures for 2020) and employs around 1.870 people in more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. The Group has a business presence in more than 150 countries worldwide. Exports make up more than 98 % of its business.

TroGroup GmbH is based in Wels in Upper Austria, where the most important stamp production site, including its research and development facilities, is also located. The Trotec production and sales site is situated in Marchtrenk, approximately 2 km from Wels. As a private company, TroGroup GmbH is 74.9 % owned by the Müller-Just Family Foundations, and 25.1 % owned by the owners of the Lower Austrian ImWind Group.

Our locations at a glance

“Our values are based on the motto of enthusiasm, a pioneering spirit and passion.”

We are number 1 in our core businesses of stamps and lasers. We are the original and set new standards. Our job is to drive the industry and be its benchmark, continuously raising the bar for competitors and ourselves. Our past experiences will help shape our future and we are committed to remaining the best, which we achieve through commitment, intellect, technology, design, inspiration, knowledge, discipline and satisfaction.

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We are loyal partners to our customers, and we view their success as our responsibility.arrow Mehr erfahren
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Maintaining our market leadership can only be achieved through being results-focused and securing sustainable return.arrow Mehr erfahren
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Our team is our number one asset, and we are dedicated to them.arrow Mehr erfahren
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Nowadays customers don't just buy products - they trust strong brands and reliable systems that will guarantee their competitive edge in their respective market.arrow Mehr erfahren
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Working in the Trodat Trotec Group means being able to actively co-design the business and take ownership of your role.arrow Mehr erfahren
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We value each other, and we have confidence in ourselves as well as our colleagues.arrow Mehr erfahren